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Q. Who is eligible for the scheme?
A. The scheme is available for employees of the Government, Councils, Land boards & Parastatals.

Q. What is maximum amount of credit I can get?
A. Currently the maximum is BWP 200,000.00

Q. What is the maximum repayment period?
A. Currently the maximum repayment period is 36 Months.

Q. Where are your branches?
A. Our branches are in Serowe and Palapye. However with the aid of our distribution partners we can easily deliver nationwide.

Q. How much do you charge for transport?
A.  Transport charges would depend on distance. We always try to couple deliveries to reduce the transport cost for each client.

Q Do you stock all items required for building?
A. Yes, we stock almost all materials required for building a house. However if we don’t have a product you want, we can make a special order.

Q. Okay, So how do I get started?
A. Simply send us your payslips along with the inquiry form. You can also apply online here.

Q. How long do you take to approve a client?
A. The credit vetting and approval procedure take between 2-3 Working days.

Q. What if I am working for a Private company, can I pay through bank stop orders?
A. Unfortunately we cannot help you. The credit facility is strictly for Government, Councils, Landboards & Parastatals employees.

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